“Guys she doesn’t know who took her through Varsity” Prince Kaybee’s response to woman who called him s**t human

Of all the cyber-jabs Prince Kaybee has been hit with in his various twars, it was the words from an unidentified beneficiary of his academic sponsorship that left him in his feels.

In a now deleted tweet, Prince Kaybee revealed that in the midst of the recent twars he’s been landing himself in with musician Anga Makubalo, he ran into an unexpected tweet that left him properly hacked.

“The time I was trending, when people were bashing me, I went through all the comments. To my surprise I bumped into a tweet from someone who I have been privately funding their varsity fees for the past four years. She tweeted: “Kabelo is a s**t human being,” he wrote.

Prince Kaybee’s fans dragged the unidentified girl for hours on end saying she’s ungrateful and should essentially be cut off.

However, the Gugulethu hitmaker said there was no way the girl could have known that he was her academic sponsor.

He also admitted that despite knowing that the girl has no idea what he’s done for her, he was hurt that she would refer to him in that way.

The DJ also reminded fans that his retirement from DJ’ing is closer than most people would like to think.

According to a conversation with one of his followers, he hopes to be out of the game by 40.

He didn’t specify if that means only DJ’ing, or from music altogether.