“Help Me find this Guy” Prince Kaybee begs fans as he sees singer whom he will feature in his new Album

Many of our favourite singers had their big break when they were discovered on the internet, and muso Prince Kaybee has enlisted the help of fans to help him find a singer who went viral on social media this week.

Recently a video featuring a man leading a choir in song was shared widely on Twitter.

The video caught the eye of producer Prince Kaybee who is working on his forthcoming album.

He asked fans on both Twitter and Instagram to find the man, sharing that he wanted to feature him on the album.

“This has to be an intro on my album. I need to find this guy. If you have information about him hala at the boy please” said Prince Kaybee.

Fans reacted to the video, with some saying Kaybee should just forget it.

Other applauded the star for offering the man a chance