Inside LIFE | Mzansi give AKA and DJ Zinhle a break!

I think it’s about time Mzansi [and social media users] grab a bottle of water and see themselves out of DJ Zinhle and AKA’s love life.

Yes, I know they are celebrities and we are “entitled” to know more about their personal lives, but more than anything this couple will leave all of us confused AF if we continue to meddle in their relationship.

Being the social media fanatic that I am, I saw how people were left in their feels after City Press reported over the weekend that the pair had broken up.

According to the publication, AKA allegedly ended his relationship with Zinhle on the eve of her birthday last year, because “there were too many people involved in their relationship”.

Though the publication stated that a source close to the couple revealed that there was possible “trouble in paradise”, I feel that we should give AKA and Zinhle the chance to tell that to us themselves.

I mean, to show how unfazed the couple were about their love life trending for a good three days on Twitter, AKA and Zinhle were living their best lives on vacation in Seoul, South Korea, and Mauritius respectively.

So I got on the line with AKA’s manager, Phumza Nohashe, to find out the tea.

She gave me comment that made me stop and think about the level of entitlement we sometimes have as South Africans.

She said, “Yoh, sisi! I can’t! I can’t … I don’t comment on his personal life. Ask me about his professional life and I can comment on that. So at this point I won’t be giving comment.”

Phumza’s right! Why do we always have to feel the need to know what’s “happening” or who dumped who?

Can’t we all just love our faves’ professional lives instead of their private ones?

Guys, let’s remember that depression is a real thing, and words can hurt.

Imagine how Zinhle must have felt watching herself trend while all the way in East Africa? Imagine how she must have felt to read people sharing their two cents about something they don’t even know.

I mean, Glammy and Kairo were on holiday, Zinhle and AKA were on holiday.

And you? You are here in 2020 still worried about what’s happening in other people’s lives?

What’s sad about the whole thing is that shortly after Zinhle started trending, so did Bonang, but no sign of AKA. Why do we always bash women when it may be the man’s doing?

AKA and Zinhle once tried to keep their relationship on the low. There were secret holidays where they only gave hints that they were together and moments when they had us all guessing.

It all changed when Kairo was born in 2015, but it wasn’t too long before it all fell apart when Zinhle revealed that AKA had cheated on her with Bonang.

After a messy few years of back and forth, no one would have thought they would get back together.

While co-parenting was the main reason why SA started seeing them together, Zinhle was called all kinds of names for taking AKA back, from “minister of forgiveness” to “naive” and “a saint”.

I can relate to that.

Not to give too much away, I was once in a relationship with a guy who I took back because I wanted to.

It took me so long to reveal to those around me that we were back together.

The reason why I took my time was because I was scared of what people were going to say. What would they think of me taking back someone who did me SO wrong?

It’s not an easy thing to take someone back but the heart wants what it wants, and as much as it hurts being with someone who did you wrong, what hurts even more is all the noise around you.

So can’t we just give Zinhle and AKA a break, please!

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