Prince Kaybee leaves Mzansi Hanging with Bad story telling skills

Ever been in a taxi where someone was telling a great story and you had to get off before hearing how it all ended? Well, that is exactly what Prince Kaybee did to Mzansi on his TL when he told them the story of his strange “stalker”.

Tweeps had no choice but to drag Kaybee for his bad storytelling skills as he left them hanging when he explained an alleged recent incident where a girl he didn’t know pretended she knew Prince personally so she could go up to his room at a hotel …

What happened was … Prince booked himself into a hotel but made the mistake of leaving his car outside.

That’s when his show-off tendencies caught up with him because the alleged stranger recognised the car (probably from his Instagram) and decided to seize the moment.

Here’s the story as told by Kaybee.

Needless to say the masses weren’t impressed with his “no climax” story.

They took to his TL to say as much: