SABC 1 postpones launch of AKA’s new Braai Show

AKA’s show was scheduled to air its first episode on November 5, however it was delayed by SABC 1 a day before its premiere.

The show was suddenly moved from its original debut date without explanation and replaced by Throwback Thursday.

Though it’s unclear why SABC 1 made changes to their initial schedule, a new date for the first episode to be aired is November 12.

In May, AKA revealed that he spent over R5m on his online platform AKA TV which features shows like the Braai Show.

The Supa Mega launched the platform back in May which costs the Megacy a monthly subscription fee of R49.

“AKA TV was put together without the thought of quarantine or this whole thing happening. It just so happens that you’ve got to stay prepared and stay ahead of the curve.

“It was something that I’ve always wanted to do … it just so happened that the whole thing came, and now it looks like I planned this whole thing which I did but I did not plan for it to work out like this.”

AKA revealed how he spent serious racks to give his fan base the content they deserve, including a show that cost him millions to make.

“We’ve got another show that we’re launching, I can’t give you the name of the show right now … we’ve spent about R5m on this show.

“So, it’s an actual TV production just like a Channel O and MTV Base would do but this time it’s on an AKA platform. For me to keep people interested, a TV level quality show is going to be the only way we keep people coming back for more.”