She loved him when he had nothing – Siya Kolisi and Rachel’s love story Inspires Mzansi – (Photos)

South Africans are in awe of Siya Kolisi and his wife’s relationship

Siya Kolisi has become a national hero after he led the Springboks into victory at the 2019 Rugby World Cup over the weekend, making history in the process. While he had the support of thousands of South Africans behind him, Kolisi had one important supporter by his side the entire time – his wife Rachel. Rachel was in the stands with their kids and Kolisi’s father, cheering on the Springboks in the final match against England.

Needless to say, their relationship inspired South Africans on more than one level. Not only is their love for each other inspiring but it also proves that it knows no colour.

She loved him when he had nothing, Their love story is truly an inspiration, Indeed True Love knows no race, financial status and has no boundaries…

See photos below:


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