Wena, just keep slaying! Prince Kaybee defends DJ Zinhle against body shamer

People on these social media streets will do anything for clout and one such troll came for DJ Zinhle’s post-baby stomach and labelled it the reason why AKA “left” her and when Prince Kaybee saw this he told the troll exactly where to get off.

The totally unnecessary troll zoomed into a picture that Zinhle recently shared and insinuated that the creases on her stomach, which are a normal and usual part of the body after a woman has a baby, are the reason AKA moved on.

But Kaybee, who is friends with Zinhle wasn’t going to let the troll off the hook and he added that if Zinhle sees the tweet – that is clearly intended to hurt her – she must just brush it off and keep slaying.

“If Zinhle sees this I pray if flies over her head and she keeps slaying comfortably in her own skin,” Prince Kaybee said.

Ag! Such a good friend is a treasure.


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