Whats Going On? Khanyi Mbau surprised at #KhanyiMbauGetsEngaged trend

Nobody was more confused that Khanyi Mbau on Tuesday morning when she woke up to find her name trending because of a bizarre announcement about an engagement she had no idea had happened.

Tweeps have been toying with celebrities on the TL recently and Khanyi was the latest victim of their baseless tweets. It seemed to be a game that “past midnight” Twitter users are into, where they create a rumour and run with it.

Poor Khanyi was so confused.

“Woke up to this #KhanyiMbauGetsEngaged trending! What’s going on? How am I engaged? To whom? To what?” she asked.

Khanyi never actually got a straight answer and even though the hashtag is topping the Twitter trends list, it is mainly because people are just as confused as Khanyi.

Mostly because Khanyi made a shocking announcement just last week that she and longtime boyfriend Tebogo recently called it quits. In an Instagram post Khanyi said she and Tebogo had failed to make their relationship work a second time around.

“A decade of dating someone comes with great joy and immense difficulty, that fighting to stay together is sometimes not enough. Some paths are meant to cross and certain seasons to pass,” she explained.

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